The Beginning of the Experiment...

This blog is about 2 years in the making.  About a year ago, a small group of teachers and administrators began a grassroots movement to move our school into the 21st Century and go 1:1--every student with their own computer.

We decided to go with Macbooks because of their battery life, durability, and creative power.  We went from having 2 computer labs to every student with their own computer.  To say its been a revolutionary year would be an understatement.  We have definitely revolutionized the technology in our building, but now we are moving to more important revolutions.

Giving a student a computer does not equal a 21st Century classroom.  Some teachers are now experimenting with progressive pedagogy and assessment methods.  My close friend and educational consigliere, Joey Till, has been a leader in the massive move from the traditional classroom.

We are so excited for the future.  Our classrooms are our educational laboratories.  We are looking for educational scientists who want to teach, learn, and explore.  This blog will be dedicated to our adventures in education, experimenting in different types of pedagogy and assessment.


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    Sincerely, BO

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