Some Class Components Written in Stone

My experiment is taking a slight turn, but I see big possibilities on the horizon (more to come later).  My student-teacher has made her way to Scotland to finish her placement, so I have added a 'Movie Day' to my weekly agenda.  I wanted to create a break in the constant stream of 'work days' and take advantage of this generation's propensity toward video learning.  The first Movie Day was a hit; nearly all students were engaged in Hinduism videos and actively asking questions or making comments.  My education experiment will continue to evolve as I learn new things, see a need, and have conversations with my students.  However, there are some components to my class that will always remain:

No Textbooks or Static Resources--I hate to even use the T-word, in a 1:1 school it goes without saying that I won't be using the textbook.  I try to create or assemble digital, interactive resources.  
Authentic Activities--no worksheets or canned items.  Students need to feel authenticity; isn't this what we ask of them?  As teachers, we can collaborate and share materials, but we should modify things to fit our kids and teaching style. 
Intrigue--if we get our kids interested in learning, they can teach themselves anything.  Our job becomes infinitely easier when kids want to learn.
Relationship-based Classroom Management--if you build relationships with kids based on mutual respect, they will respond. Kids won't respond to long lists or rules, yelling, and impersonal sarcasm.  Its all about relationships. 
Progressive Assessment--turning in assignments and grading after-the-fact won't due anymore.  We need constant checking and conversations to evaluate our kids to guide them to higher levels.  One-on-one conversations are the ideal way to assess students and their progress. 

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