Flipped Classroom Report 1

Today was the first day of Flipping my class.  I think my method differs from the traditional model as I don't use quizzes to enforce the instructional videos.   My instructional videos are meant to provide a conceptual framework for the activities in class.  After watching my video today during my prep I realized its a bit dry--I need my goofy nature to shine through in my recorded instruction.  I gave a short anonymous survey today to all my students.  I wanted to see how many students watch the video before class--most of them did NOT watch the video.  It was, however, the first day of our Flipped class and a Monday.  

 For students who answered "No", I asked them why they didn't watch the video.  About 72% said they just forgot.  Only about 8 students out of 84 gave negative reasons for not watching the video. 

Of the students who watched the video, only 3 said they didn't understand the video.  The rest of them said they understood at least some of the video.
I hope this is some indication about the effectiveness of the video.  My next survey will ask about how effective the video was.  I also want to ask the kids for suggestions.  I have read about some people who say you should always include the teacher in the video rather than just a voice.   Despite all of the incredible presentation option, I thought I might go old-school and get out my video camera.  I have a huge projection screen--I can focus the camera on the screen and include myself in the video walking back and forth and pointing things out.  This is closer to the way I teach, so I think it will work better. 

The final question was answered on a scale.  I asked the students--"At this point do you think you will learn better or worse in a Flipped classroom".  This is a question I plan on asking throughout the experiment.

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