The Future of Test Obsession

When I first read this story, I was sure it was a hoax.  I search the Internet and all I have found so far are legit news reports, even statements issued from the Xiaogan City High School in China.  There have been reports circulating through China recently, but in the past week the pictures below have gone viral.  Chinese students are studying for college entrance exams.  Normal.  Only these kids are using an IV drip of amino acids to "enhance their physical fitness and replenish their energy," according to one school official.  Teachers are even assisting them.
From: Worldcrunch
I had to research the effects of amino acid injection on humans and I found they can cause organ failure, fever, chills, blood abnormalities, depression, and heart palpitations.

Is this the future for the test-obsessed American education system?  Some may read this and think... 'no way, we would never go that far'.  Think of our athletes, then rethink.  Think of the over-prescribed ADHD medicines, then rethink. Besides, this didn't happen overnight.  This was probably a slow progression.

This is wrong.  So wrong. The is definitely not learning.  This is akin to the industrialized food system that pumps growth hormones and antibiotics into animals to produce faster food ignoring the lives of the animal and health of the consumer.  Is this how we want to treat our children?  Industrial objects at the junction of education and economics?  Sad.  These are kids.    Cows don't even deserve this.  Nothing can possible justify this practice, which is the direct product of high-stakes testing.

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  1. Why r we teaching the purpose to prepare them for a job, to compete in general or social awareness & conformity...or what really!! As a 61 yr old grandma I think about what my grandkids will need to learn survive in the world ahead. How to grow & preserve food. How to manage our natural resoures, how to get along with people of other cultures. How to "decide" what they want their lives to be and then have the courage to live it, not have it dictated to them by retail marketing & social pressure. In other words learn how to THINK FOR THEMSELVES. Thank you Mr.(future) President for inspiring "thinking" in the classroom.


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