Are You Ready For Some Football?

Are you Ready for some Football??????

I know I am, and last year I found out how much my kids loved it.  Last year our schools went one to one. Every Monday and Tuesday during our passing periods a handful of students checked their fantasy football stats.  They loved it and couldn’t get enough.  There was even the occasional, shall we say “debate” about whose team was best.  Sometimes their checking of scores would spill into class.  I would have to ask them to wait until later on to check them.  Why?  If they are motivated to do it, let’s run with it.

Here is an example that I copied from teacher (Mr. Hagen).  My kids are going to create their own, but this will show you how it could be used.

1/8(T) + 1/24(V) +1/48(P + R + C) - 1/12(I) - 1/16(F) = W              Copyright NFL Image

T = number of touchdowns scored by passing, rushing, or receiving
V = number of two-point conversions scored by passing, rushing, or receiving
P = number of passing yards divided by 25, then rounded down to the nearest whole number
R = number of rushing yards divided by 10, then rounded down to the nearest whole number
C = number of receiving yards divided by 10, then rounded down to the nearest whole number
I = number of interceptions thrown
F = number of fumbles lost
W = total points scored for one week for one individual player

This will be an optional activity in my class. My class is layered so the ones who don’t care for it will have other options.  First we are going to look at different leagues and their scoring systems.  Then we will create our own equation to find each team’s score. Every class will probably create a different equation to use. I am thinking about making the equation change from week to week between fractions, decimals, and percentages.  Surprisingly, I don’t play or even like fantasy football so as a group we will have to figure this out together.......problem solving, teamwork, cooperation. 

The great thing is this activity could cover a ton of math.  Think about the possibilities.  You could graph the different weeks scores and cover slope, rate, central tendencies, fraction, decimal, and percentages.  Not to mention the algebra of creating an equation, substituting, variables, coefficients....wherever you want it go or where the students take it. 

Hopefully I can find pockets of students who will want to do this for different
sports. I have even heard of fantasy NASCAR. The possibilities are only limited
by the number of sporting activities and the imaginations of my students.

If you have a question about this activity or if you have something to add, just join
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