Friday Fun In Math.
What did you do last Friday in class with your kids? We played darts!!!!
Some of my classes learned prime and composite and after hitting the dartboard each kid told the class whether his/her score was prime or composite. We also kept track of kids that hit the board and those who did not. We figured our class's percentages of hits and misses. With partners, the kids did calculations on the chalkboard and white marker boards in my room.

My other classes did the prime and composite when we threw the darts, but we cranked it up a notch after that. We kept track of four categories: (1) Was the hit prime? (2) Was the hit composite? (2) Did the throw hit the board but scored no points? (4) Did the throw miss the board altogether? Then we found the percentage of each category. Finally we learned percent increase and decrease and applied it to the score of each throw that hit the board. For example, what is the percent change in this set of scores; 7, 20, 9, 9, and 12?  Every kid was involved. . . up and writing the info on the boards. Every kid got 3-4 throws in class and worked on calculations in between. We even got on our digital portfolios and created the tabs for what we learned. Monday we are going edit our portfolios. We are collecting our info in a LiveBinder.
Even though we are in our second year of one to one, I still think it is important to stick to the basics of what works best for our kids. I teach 7th graders. They are social and like to be active. They are a different animal and sometimes we just have to do something fun. There is always a way to find some math in anything. Kids need to learn to think on their own and not rely totally on a computer!


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