Pick your poison!!!!!

Kids are kids.  Halloween is coming and kids love it.  I have two projects we are doing in my class within the next two weeks.  One is an individual project and the other is a group project.

Project #1 Individual Project
This week we are learning perimeter, area, surface area, and volume.  Simple concepts, but ones I have found kids mix up.  The first step in solving one of these problems is to know which one to choose.  How else would you know which formula to select?  I am going to create categories for each topic and let the kids dress up for Halloween and try to win that category.

Here are my categories.

Largest Perimeter
Smallest Perimeter

Largest Area
Smallest Area

Largest Volume
Smallest Volume

Largest Surface Area
Smallest Surface Area

Overall Most Creative = Student has to enter one of the above categories to be eligible.

On Halloween, Wednesday the 31st, we will take pictures of each costume and calculate the category they choose.  I will put the winners on my website, they love that stuff.

Project #2 Group Project
This project I stumbled upon at the end of last year and have been waiting to try it.  There are artists that create "canstruction".  Can sculptures of ever day things and drawings.  They are usually used in relation to a food drive.  Just so happens our student council is having a food drive.  I offered to help collect from the other classes if we could have the food for a week later to let the kids create "canstruction".  I think after we make them we will either connect the shapes to the above topics or have the kids ask their own question and solve it.

I have no delusions of grandeur. I know my kids projects won't look like this, but I do know they will turn out great.

So pick your poison and have some fun with your kids.

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