Redskin Rule got them Talking!!!!!

I either heard this on T.V or I read it on twitter.  The redskin rule is a meaningless interesting stat.  Since 1940 there have been 18 Washington Redskins home football games the weekend before the election.  In either 18 out of 18 or 17 out of 18 (Bush Vs. Kerry, long story) this has rung true.  If Washington wins the home game then the incumbent party wins (Obama) and vice versa is if they lose then a new party takes over (Romney).  I showed this to the kids on Monday and had them vote, not on their personal views (which let's be honest is their parents view understandably), but on their thoughts whether this rule would ring true or finally be busted.     

The kids from the looks of it were split 50/50.  I had a couple of kids tell me today that they were looking forward to watching the election tonight to see which way it goes.  Our Social Studies teacher also let me know that the kids were asking him questions about it and he had a couple conversations on correlation vs. causation.

They are talking.  This means they are interested.  This means they are thinking and talking stuff.  They are talking.  They are interested.  They are having fun.........they are learning.

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