A New Year, a New Site

Its a new year!  Its also a new year for Experimenting in Education.  I started this blog one year ago as a way to share what I have been learning in my 1 to 1 classroom.  It became immediately clear that education needed a major shift as we transition into the technology-rich environment of the 21st Century.  In the last 6 months my education consigliere Joey Till has also been blogging here.  He is definitely the most integral member of my PLN.  We both recognized that education needs to shift to the future after decades (centuries?) of stagnation.  We are constantly looking to the future and trying to find innovative ways to shift our classes from traditional classrooms to 21st Century learning laboratories.

We experimented with and had great success with new methods of assessment and pedagogy during the last 2 years.  Last summer we decided to take our ideas on the road and we launched Education Shift Inc.  We hope to share the knowledge we have gained to a wider audience.  We created a website and still maintained this blog.  This year we decided to merge the website and the blog into one, hence the new look.  Very soon this blog will also be found at www.educationshift.net

I would like to give our readers and supporters a profound thank you.  Its a great feeling to put your ideas out for the world to read, but its quite another to have them so well received.  Here's to 2013 being the year that tips the professional scale by reaching a critical mass of educators who agree that we need an Education Shift.

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