Campaign of Kindness Part 2

I feel obligated to give an update on our Campaign of Kindness at Wabash Middle School (Indiana).   The obligation comes from the outpouring of positive feedback and comments on my original blog post on behalf of the students' acts of kindness and the continued efforts of this anonymous group of students who have lifted the spirits of their fellow students.  The group now goes by what has become a mysterious name here at Wabash--"S. KMMA".  Student are talking about it and trying to figure out the meaning.

Recently, S. KMMA has setup a Google+ account.  They regularly make positive general comments to fellow students and they also target random students with personalized compliments about their school work, cloths, or good attitude.  Last week they bought about 375 pieces of gum and other candy, wrote 375 positive notes, and taped the candy and note to every student locker after everyone had left.  Unfortunately, a few students came in early and stole maybe a dozen pieces of candy.  It happened near my classroom, so I was lucky enough to hear a few students immediately offer their candy to those who had had theirs stolen.  It was a powerful moment.

S. KMMA is growing.  They have absorbed new members and are now beginning to think long-term.   How will this group survive once the current students go to high school?  They are also trying to think bigger.  How can they make a HUGE difference for student who really need it?  How can they expand out of the school?  Its all exciting, especially because this was 100% student driven.  I only report and support.  We really do have some amazing things happening at our 1 to 1 school here in the tiny town of Wabash, Indiana.

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  1. I believe that teaching the kids kindness at an early age they will surely carry it out as they grow older. Also kindness can be instilled to them by just showing it to them personally not just by telling it to them.


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