Yummy Math has Yummy Ideas.

 Looking for new ideas for your math class?  Are you tired of the same old routine and not ready to jump off the PBL bridge just yet?  Here is one of my favorite resources.  
Yummy Math is a mathematical wonderland.  It is an incredible resource that connects current events, sports, food, and interesting topics to math lessons.  I love how it follows the calendar year and the posts are always insightful and engaging for the kids.  There is a worksheet that goes with each creative lesson idea.  This involves a lot of reading (great for math) and critical thinking.  I teach 7th grade math and I could use this resource by itself and it would cover all my standards.

Our students can-struction.
I am in my 2nd year of 1:1 computing and we are leaning towards more PBL activities and away from worksheets, but I love this as a resource for ideas.  I take the Yummy Math blog post and tweak it into a project-based lesson.  I have done can-struction, powerball, Super Bowl ads, costumes for Halloween, and many others.  I just found this resource this summer as I joined the Twitter world.  The Yummy Math twitter feed is like an idea machine for new project ideas. I can’t wait to go through their website this summer and plan my math lessons around holidays, sporting events, and the general flow of engaging ideas. 

Instead of kids walking in my room with a slight groan and saying, “What are we doing today?”  They walk in with a smile on their face and say with a little curiosity, “What are we doing today?!!!”  They are engaged, interested, and that has translated to improved student
learning.  We have very few days where we are just covering material and trying to get through the day.  Yummy Math has helped me see math in a different way and make my class a place of fun and learning.  The name really does say it all, they make math Yummy!

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