Our Summer Schedule

Last year the Indiana Department of Education provided a grant to 17 schools to host a professional development conference.  This summer has been dubbed the The Summer of eLearning.  As a professional development junkie, I was really excited and proud of my State.  I decided to attend everything within 2 hours drive and take as many teachers from my school as I could. In the end, 25 of our 87 teachers volunteered their time to attend at least one conference, saying loud and clear, 'I want to get better'!  I was pretty proud of my colleagues.

If you want to connect with Education Shift, we will be presenting and/or attending several conferences/workshops this summer:
This was the second year from Edcamp Indy.  Edcamp Fort Wayne was in early May.  Edcamp is an amazing concept that we fully support and hope will continue to gain traction in Indiana.  The Knight-Time conference just wrapped up last week.  It was a great opportunity to learn and connect with other educators.  Richard Byrne and Vicki Davis were the keynote speakers, and the good people at East Noble did a great job organizing their conference.  Southern Wells is a closed Google workshop for their staff.  The remaining conferences promise to be amazing opportunities to learn and connect.  We hope to see you there!  


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