Internet not working at school.........Go for a math walk.

As school started today, our plan was to work on the internet.  After 10 minutes of problems we bailed on the plans for the day.  I had the kids get out their phones.  We partnered up and went for a walk.

We are learning some geometry definitions.  I learned years ago that the students couldn't use the formulas if they didn't know which was which.  The words we are learning are perimeter, area, volume, surface area, and lateral surface area.  We walked around our school block taking pictures of items that fit into each category.

We had a blast.  The kids were walking, talking, and taking pictures of math.  They found some really good ones.  It was good because the kids get all the different kinds of areas confused.  Here were some of their ideas:

Perimeter = edges of signs, fences, length around tires......

Area = shadows, sidewalks, roofs, our football field.......

Volume = pool, houses, garbage cans, cushion inside our football slides....

Surface Area = colored globes in yards, painted field goal posts, garbage bag around trash......

Lateral Surface Area = plastic around phone lines, a cone in our parking lot, pads around goal posts.....
I didn't know what to expect from the kids but they really found good ideas.  We got back to class and they shared their ideas and we talked about good ones and ones they had in the wrong category.  My favorite part of the day was when one kid saw a possum dead on the road and yelled out "AREA". This is something I will regularly start doing, math walks for our vocab words.  So if you are 1:1 and the internet is down or really slow, don't fret, let your tech people do that.  Just have the kids get out their phones and go for a math walk.

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