About Us

My name is Justin Vail. I have taught social studies since 2004. I want my students to make a positive impact in the interconnected world we live in and be inspired to learn new things.   I am a proud technology nerd.   I think technology can facilitate learning and an Education Shift that we desperately need to stay relevant in the 21st Century.  I have a Bachelors from Ball State and a Masters degree from Indiana Wesleyan University. I currently teach 7th grade at Wabash City Schools and serve as 7th grade team leader and social studies department chair. 

My name is Joey Till. I have taught 7th grade Math since 2000. I want my students to see the "beauty" in Math. I'm not there yet, but we are working on it daily! I would prefer to stay in my room and out of the spotlight, but Justin is making me do this. I have a Bachelors from Indiana State and a Masters degree from Indiana Wesleyan University.

Our Story

We first met in 2004, but it took us a couple of years to realize our similar interests, the main one: our passion for teaching. We constantly talked about teaching and learning and how education was due for some changes. So as we "talked shop" in the hallway and on each others porches we realized the immense power of collaboration as a tool for shifting the educational paradigm. During our talks we designed new instructional models, school policies, and fantasized about having a computer for every student.

A few years ago, our school sent Justin to a conference. Justin learned about a school that went one-to-one (1 computer per student) with nearly 8,000 students. It was that day we really began our education shift. After many meetings, school visits, and conversations our school went one-to-one with Apple products (Macbooks and iPads).  We had made some great changes to our class, but the infusion of technology fostered exponential growth in our knowledge and range of possibilities.  

Since that time we have been learning at an exponential pace about how to facilitate an education shift in our classroom, building, district, and entire institution of education.  Education hasn't changed much in the last century. We think its time for a change.   The change can't come in one classroom or district. We all have an interest in a massive education shift. We realized this and it became our mission--to provides extremely affordable professional development to help spread the shift. Education Shift is a professional development company dedicated to improving education with meaningful, affordable education training. We work with any organization focused on education or technology.

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