Free Web Tools

Presentation Tools
Great zooming persentation tool, very popular and adds a dynamic of emphasis and scale to a presentations here are few examples of Prezi.  Prezi has recently become a collaborative tool that multiple users can work on at the same time.

This is a zooming presentation tool similar to Prezi, but it allows background images.  The user interface is a bit more cumbersome than Prezi

This is a unique website that allows you to take any image and place interactive tags that open when you click on them. Here is a presentation with 26 ways to use Thinglink. You can then embed the image in your website or blog.

This is similar to Thinklink, but you can collaborate and even draw on your images, rather than use text. You can also "mark-up" entire websites.

This is a new tool similar to LiveBinders that allows you to create a collection of websites, videos, etc. into what they call a learning playlist. Rather than having students stumble through research or content, you can guide them with MentorMob--better yet, have them create one!

Imagine a digital poster board where you can put images, text, and video from the web--thats Glogster.  There were some operational problems last year, but they seem to be running more smooth.

Very simple image presentation tool that lets you search for Google images within the program--no uploading is necessary, no flashy effects either. This could be an assessment tool for a quick conceptual topic collage student could put together quickly to demonstrate understanding.

This is a photo collage maker that is easy to use. Choose a template, add pictures and text--you can also download and print.

This site allows you to highlight any part of any website, then they provide you with a unique URL, so you can share what you have highlighted with your students, so they can focus on a particular part of a website.

This website specializes in its ability to share the videos you create. With IgniteCAST, its simple to create interactive videos by capturing your screen, combining with videos (HD), importing digital photos, adding webcam recordings, inserting PowerPoint slides and even narrating with your voice or background music.

This is a very simple book creation tool. Great for hesitant tech learners.

This is a great and simple tool for creating infographics. There are several themes to choose from and images you can customize to take the technical struggle out of infographic creation.
Very similar to Easel. This site really only allows you to create infographics from “your data” on social networking sites. However, they have lots of great infogrpahics to look at.

They boast 4 web tools in 1 site. Mind mapping, cartoon creator, audio editor, and movie editor. Some of the services are not free--not sure which ones, but looks like a great tool. Especially if you don’t have a Mac.

This tool was recently updated and now allows you to grab content from the web rather than uploading pictures and videos. You can easily create interactive media-rich stories with narration using a fairly intuitive interface. The only downside I have seen is the playback is sometimes choppy.

This is a unique tool that can create presentations, but can also be considered a collaboration tool. Students can upload pictures or videos and record their voice, or upload a recording, or even type in text, which becomes a conversation about the pictures or videos.

This is a new tool that is similar to VoiceTread.  The interface is more simple to use and you can embed the final product in a website.  This would be great for students to verbally explain a topic that they illustrate in images.  The images can be uploaded or searched within the program.

Collaboration Tools

Shared Copy
Once you sign up for this site you, can save a webpage and annotate it and share it with others. Rather than taking screen shots, just annotate a webpage you want students to use, so they know how to use it or where they should read.

Titan Pad
This is alternative to Google Docs that allows multiple users to collaborate on one document. The time slider is a nice way to review the revisions made on a given document.

Lino is similar to wallwisher, but you can add pictures, video, or other media. Make a public page and collaborate. You will need to refresh the screen to see new edits by collaborators.

Websites says, “Mash your ideas and media together with friends in a dynamic whiteboard wiki. Using photos, videos, and other web content you can instantly create brainstorms, presentations, scrapbooks, and enjoy an interactive chat with more than 50 friends.”

This is a nice tool for managing a PBL. You enter the tasks (they call them stories), assign people to them, then it creates a bulletin board with little stickies that help visualize everything that must be done, who should be doing them, and how much progress has been made.

Similar to Scrumy, this allows groups to plan their project and manage tasks, however, this is integrated with Google Docs which might give it the edge.

Simple service that allows users to quickly share and edit PDFs, Word documents, and PowerPoint files.To use Crocodoc just upload your file, select your marking tool, and get to work. Crocodoc provides a unique url for every file you upload. Share that url with the people you want to have comment on your PDF, Word file, or PowerPoint slides. You can also embed your file into a blog post or webpage and allow people to comment on it there.

Really interesting collaboration tool for project management that allow you to add images, document, and other things annotated by sticky notes. These can be invite only or made public.

With no login required this is a fast way to collaborate. Students can post vocab related to a topic or pictures. Teachers can use this as an exit ticket and have students post what they learned.

Concept Board
Another great collaboration tool that allows you to create a sort of bulletin board of annotated website screenshots, documents, etc. with comments and replies to those comments as people collaborate on a project.

This is another online collaboration tool for planning, similar to a whiteboard.

Writing Tools

This is a collaborative writing website. Protagonize has transitioned gradually from what was originally conceived as a game-like environment to a more widespread collaborative writing community that encourages constructive feedback and critique. Student can log in and they follow the changes to stories they read or write.

Fake Tweet Builder
This is a fun site to use with kids. They can create fake Twitter conversations with images, custom user pictures, and regular 140 character written blurbs. It saves the conversation as a webpage, which can easily be shared.

This website claims their “mission is to provide educators, parents, and afterschool professionals with access to the highest quality practices in reading and language arts instruction by offering the very best in free materials.” They have interactives, lesson plans, and other resources teachers might be interested in.

Plag Tracker
This is a free and easy way to check for plagiarism. Upload your paper, scan it, and recieve a scan report.

Easy Bib
This is a free online bibliography and citation maker. Used by millions of people and can be customized for MLA or APA.

This site lets you write, remix and share text-based games. From what I have heard this allows a make-your-own-adventure story by choosing various outcomes the story takes. This might be a great way to engage students in a group story writing.

This is an online graphic dictionary--similar to a concept map dictionary. When you type in a word you get all of the meanings and different ways to use the word. It is a thesaurus too. It is all very visual and clickable.

Cube Creator
This tool by ReadWriteThink is a great way to connect to learning. Students/teacher inserts information and its generates a printable “cube” that can be printed and folded up. Teachers can also generate a template for students to fill out.

Storyboard That
This sites seems like it could help with writing screen plays or skits in class or turn a movie project into a writing assignment.

This is another online dictionary, but it has a few features that make it better. The main one is it gives several sentences that use the word you’re looking for in different ways. It also provides several different definitions from different websites.

This site claims, “Want to make exemplary rubrics in a short amount of time? Try RubiStar out! Registered users can save and edit rubrics online. You can access them from home, school, or on the road. Registration and use of this tool is free.”

This site, which part of a larger LMS, does the same thing as Rubstart, only you can digitally evaluate students on any device by clicking on the rubric and entering the students into a “class” or you can simply create a rubric and print it off.

Wid Book
According to Richard Byrne, “On Widbook you can create a digital book that contains text, images, and videos. Widbook is collaborative because you can invite others to make contributions to your books. To use Widbook you have to create a profile on the service.” The only problem is the ownership of this website and it is in beta form so changes will be made and who knows how long it will be around.

This site allows you to easily create storybooks with pictures. You can make them public and receive comments and read other’s work or keep them private.

Wordle is a toy for generating “word clouds” from text that you provide. The clouds give greater prominence to words that appear more frequently in the source text. This can help teach and emphasize vocabulary.

This site will allow you to upload your paper or copy and paste the text and check the spelling, grammar, and writing style issues you may have. It will also explain why each part was cited as a problem. You can do all of this without a registration. In addition, it will rate the vocabulary of the writing and make suggestions to write at a higher level. It will also “grade” the paper. The report can be downloaded

Web Collection Tools/Bookmarking

This is a online service that allow you to create bookmarks of important content or save entire webpages. You can get get the Web/Browser Extension to make life very easy. You can easily share link and collaborate using Evernote on all Internet connected devices.

This great service allow you to collect webpages and organize them into “binders” using tabs and subtabs similar to the organization of a file cabinet. Easily collect resources for students to explore rather than having them sift through Google searches if you want to focus on the content

This service allows you to collect just certain paragraphs of a given web page. You can also add sticky notes to annotate content for later use. 

Pinterest isn't just for crafty projects, the education world has embraced this bookmarking/social network and there are great projects and ideas for educators.

Bookmarking site that allows you to easily collect link and organize what you find by topic. Very easy to share and collaborate. A great way to organize the cool things you find online.

Bookmarking service with images and many ways to categorize your bookmarks. It probably has a web extension/add on companion.

Formerly called Read-it-later, this service works across many different platforms from iPad to web-based.  You can collect websites and blogs, and keep them in your "pocket"!

Bag the Web
Similar to Pinterest only you put things into “bags”.

This service is visual like Pinterest and can be used to save pictures and web content.

This is similar to iGoogle. It provides a dashboard for your online life.

Communication Tools

Text all the students in your class to remind them of upcoming stuff--free tool easy registration and very private.

Go Soapbox
This is a great “back channel” web tool that allows students to ask questions and vote for questions they would like to ask. However, I have had problems viewing the flash object on computers that are not updated.

Today’s Meet
This is another back channeling tool. Students can ask questions, make comments, and allow you to revise your presentation in real time. This is good for students who are shy.

This social networking site is a safe place for teachers to find classrooms to partner with and much more.

Meeting allows up to 5 people to video conference without signing in. Just click on “Get a Meeting Room” to get started. Your room gets a URL, which you can send to as many as 4 other people and away you go!

This is a online quiz service that works like a student response system. It works on ALL devices that are connected to the Internet. It has a nice feature with a preloaded quiz--you can have students race to finish (working in pairs?) and it shows a really nice realtime measurement of the race and who is winning.

The Archivist 
This tool will help you search, archive, and analyze tweets in Twitter. Twitter moves really fast, so this tool will help collect the tweets you missed.