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We are available for short 1 hour presentations, but we prefer half or full day workshops to give these concepts the time they deserve. Any of the following topics can be adjusted or combined to fit any need or grade level.  We can also design custom presentations and workshops for nearly any need.  We work together, so every workshop will be supported with two lead learners.  We make our livelihood as teachers, so we are able to offer the lowest prices in the professional development market. 
  • One hour presentation $300
  • Half day workshop $450
  • Full day workshop $600
  • Custom contract arrangements please contact us

Prices may vary depending distance . Here is our w-9 tax form. Again, we pride ourselves as the most high impact, affordable professional development available.

Launching 1:1 Computing
How to build support among staff and community, select a device, prepare your staff, deploy to students, and manage the classroom and school at large. Tips for teaching technology to students, staff, and parents and what a 1:1 classroom can look like.

Apple Basics
Learn the basic functions of a Mac OS for education purposes including simple basics such as Finder, Spotlight, Stickies, Preview, Dashboard and moving from PC to Mac.

Apple Software
How to use the common software such as iLife software including iMovie, GarageBand, and iPhoto. Also including the iWork software package such as Pages and Keynote.

Go Google
How to build Google Sites, use and share Google Docs, use and share Calendar, educational use of Google Voice, Google search tricks for information and images, using YouTube and building your own channel, Google maps, and other applications. This can easily be a week-long workshop or a rapid fire half day introduction. We work in a Google Apps for Education school, so we are very familiar with the digital management of classrooms and entire staff within the Google Apps environment.

Modern Pedagogy
Ideas about how to leave behind the traditional paradigm of 'teach and test' and integrating project-based learning (PBL), or what we call PBL-light curriculum where the project IS the instruction, not the dessert at the end of your teaching.

Modern Assessment 
This will cover the value of personal relationships and one-on-one formative assessment or what is sometimes called oral defense.  How to get away from worksheets and "handing in" assignments and assessing without constantly testing. How to assess project-based learning and the pros and cons of rubrics.

Modern Classroom Management
The classroom management models and advice to fit a new age of personalization, differentiation, and technology. How to effectively layer your class to keep students engaged, working hard, and learning independently.

An I.E.P. for Math
Teaching math conceptually without the text book. Why we need to change our math classes and transform them to reach every kid individually. This explains how to follow your standards by showing the beauty of math.

Creating and Maintaining a PLN
How to use Twitter and Google Reader to develop a Professional Learning Network (PLN). Learn new skills in a grassroots fashion individually, then collaboratively as a faculty. High impact 21st Century professional development for a small professional development budget.

Discover, Collect, Create
How to find, store, and develop content resources; how to create a digital curriculum and ditch the textbook forever. Step-by-step with dozens of leading web tools to assist you.

Effective Presentations
The research behind effective presentations, PowerPoint tricks, do's and don't of PowerPoint and other presentation software, and how to avoid 'death by PowerPoint'. 


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